Robert Taylor’s early career was devoted to maritime paintings.  However, after an exhibition at the Royal Society of Marine Artists in London, he was commissioned by the Fleet Air Arm Museum, who asked him to include aircraft in his maritime paintings. It was the start of Taylor’s career as an aviation artist.

His aviation paintings are instantly recognizable. He recreates scenes from the past with all the technical detail of aviation yet in a realistic style.

His aircraft are battle-scarred, with dings down the fuselage, chips and dents along the leading edges of wings, oil stains trailing from engine cowlings, paintwork faded with dust and grime.

Since the early 80s, Taylor has exhibited throughout the US and Canada, Australia, Japan and in Europe. His solo exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC was hailed as the most popular art exhibition ever held there.

Here’s a small sample of his fabulous pencil art print collection for you to explore and enjoy.

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