In April 1924, after approval was granted by King George V, it was renamed the Royal Canadian Air Force and included Canadian Air Force Reserves.

Size:  W 4″ x H 1 1/2″
Hand embroidered with silver wire bullion on a black wool felt background

$ 18.99


During the First World War, Canada established its aviation presence with over 25,000 pilots serving with the British Empire Flying Service.  Many were sadly killed but they also had a few of the top scoring aces of the war including Raymond Collishaw,  William Bishop and Alan McLeod. Several were decorated war heroes.

After the war ended Canada wanted to preserve its aviation presence and in 1920 the government founded the Canadian Air Force.  At this point it was made up of WWI aviators and old British aircraft left over from the war.

The RCAF continued to develop and grow in strength and by the end of WWII was the fourth biggest air force in the world.

James E Johnnie Johnson
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The Military Place carefully researches each patch to achieve authentic replication of size and color. However, due to lack of official standardization during the era to which the patch relates, and variations found, some elements may differ from historical documentation. 


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