Size:  W 4” x H 4″
Hand embroidered with silver wire bullion on a black circular background

$ 23.95


Arditi del Popolo was the world’s first anti-fascist group.  It was created in 1921 after members of Mussolini’s National Fascist Party attacked the Italian village of Livorno.

The local people rallied against the NFP and formed the Arditi del Popolo. By the summer of 1921 there were over 20,000 members.   And for the next couple of years they fought against the NFP attempting to stop their activities at every opportunity.

Nevertheless by 1924 the Arditi del Popolo movement had been defeated and those that were left went on to join the International Brigades and fight in the Spanish Civil War.

During WW2, a Resistance group adopted and used the name Arditi del Popolo.

The Military Place carefully researches each patch to achieve authentic replication of size and color. However, due to lack of official standardization during the era to which the patch relates, and variations found, some elements may differ from historical documentation. 

Credits: CKline

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