Morning Thunder


Limited Edition print #253 / 550 by Robert Taylor

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At ten minutes to eight, on the morning of December 7, 1941 as the US Pacific fleet came awake, suddenly without warning Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese aircraft. Four of eight battleships were sunk; a dozen more naval ships were badly damaged; 2400 souls perished.
Robert Taylor’s specially commissioned masterpiece recreates the desperate moments of the USS West Virginia. Having taken seven torpedo hits and two bomb strikes in the first wave attack on ‘Battleship Row’, the West Virginia is ablaze and slowly sinking. Ignoring the risks, crews push the navy tug Hoga alongside with fire-fighting equipment and to pick up survivors. Overhead, Japanese Zeros swoop through the smoke, aiming the second wave attack at installations on Pearl Harbor’s Ford Island, to complete one of history’s most devastating unprovoked declarations of war.


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