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Daren Daniel

Height 177, weight 80 kg, without abdomen, sports physique. Ordered size L.
The size approached a millimeter in a millimeter.
I wear this jacket in winter, under the bottom I dress the jacket with a park, pri-15 is perfectly warm. In size, be vigilant, if you order a size L and you have body parameters like me, make sure that you do not have a fat ass, bottom on magnets and locks. If you have a belly you will not fit into it, the jacket is fitted. If you have very powerful shoulders, also do not fit. I with a folder very tightly moisture in the jacket, but it has a property to stretch a little when worn.
Of pluses:
-Very dense breeze, the wind does not let in at all and the water is brief.
-Cuff rubber as in the description, not all sellers so, because this is the second jacket such
-Ergonomics at altitude.
Of the minuses:
-Sewing in some places of the curve, the line slides from the given direction, if it were to open a lot of dispute, and on how many, rarely, if it were not for.
-The sleeves are very, nuuu oooochen wide, the benefit is regulated.

Monserrat Connelly

Jacket dugé kladna, took a choloviku, in the new 50R, I will live a Rach